I am sure most of my Coptic Orthodox Readers have heard about the StMarkDC Graduate Passion Retreat, but for the rest of you who haven’t this is not the event to miss!  The winning entry to the video contest says it all…


The retreat is from February 19-21, 2010 and will be held at Sandy Cove in North East, Maryland.

This retreat will prepare you for Holy Week and change your life if you let it. Discussions will be given by Bishop David, Father Bishoy Andrawes, Father Anthony Messeh and Father Paul Guirgis.

Registration Information and details at and on Facebook.

TGIF-logo We (StMarkDC) had a wonderful retreat earlier this month where we saw God answer prayers and work so many miracles.  Bishop David, Fr. Bishoy and Fr. Anthony delivered five amazing talks on trusting God in full.  Over 450 young adults attended the retreat from all over the world and every part of it was an amazing success, glory be to God!  Thank you for your prayers.

All the content from the retreat is now online:

A few of the retreat testimonials:

  • Thank you and God bless you for all that you do. This retreat helped shape my perspective and bring me closer to God during a challenging period in my life.
  • I loved the retreat and benefited greatly from it. I never felt this way about retreat before…it was amazing! Thank you for caring.
  • This one went deeper and deeper. Thank you for all of your preparation, tremendously hard work, service, and continued guidance. To Bishop David, Father Bishoy, and Father Anthony, we love you SOOOO MUCH!
  • This was the best retreat I have ever attended :)
  • The retreat coordinators did an excellent job. I’m sure it was not an easy task given the number of people attending the retreat. Thanks for all of your hard work and may God Bless you all!

Thank you for your prayers, the retreat last weekend was amazing. I couldn’t imagine a better preparation for the upcoming Holy Week.

All of the talks are are online at, I highly recommend listening to them before Holy Week. The booklet and PowerPoint files are up on Scribd.

For those of you who were asking, here is a high quality version of the Holy Week Treasure Map.

Update: Complete package of retreat materials (unedited) availble for download here.

We have our annual Passion Retreat this weekend, I am really excited about our theme. We will be providing a guide to Holy Week, where we live the events of Christ’s last week with Him. Please pray for the retreat, that the Holy Spirit gives words to those who speak and opens the hearts of those who attend.

Holy Week Treasure Map

Slaying the LionOur high school and college groups had retreats in December that were partly inspired by Mark Batterson’s, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.

All four talks are available for download at Here are the additional resources from the retreat:

Booklet for the retreat containing the schedule, talk, quiet time and discussion outlines.

Talk 1 – “What’s in Your Lion” – by Father Bishoy Andrawes

Talk 2 – “Locking Eyes with Your Lion” – by Father Anthony Messeh

Talk 3 – “Chasing the Lion” – by Father Anthony Messeh

Talk 4 – “Slaying Your Lion” – by Julie Meawad and Michael Fam

Our 2006 Winter retreat this year was amazing, the topic was about having a personal relationship with Christ as our Heavenly Bridegroom. Our retreats are one of the best opportunities for spiritual growth and are often a great starting point for our young adults to take their spiritual life to the next level. Personally, I had never really pictured the Bible as love letters from our Bridegroom, it helped to paint reading the Bible in a whole new light. My new challenge for myself is to schedule and take more personal retreats where I can get spend significant quality time with Christ.

All four talks are now available for download at Here are the additional resources we used for the retreat:

Talk 1 – “Jesus My Bridegroom”- by Father Bishoy Andrawes
Video – Isn’t She Beautiful (Bride of Christ) by Vineyard Elizabethtown

Talk 2 – “Living as a Bride of Christ” – by Father Bishoy Andrawes
Quiet Time
Discussion Group Questions

Talk 3 – “Only for Overcomers” – by Father Anthony Messeh
Quiet Time

Talk 4 – “The Unfaithful Bride” – by George Bishara
Quiet Time